Supercharging productivity for businesses with Ford Pro

When you run a business that relies on commercial vehicles, they are only part of the story.

Keeping them operating with the best efficiency and productivity can require a whole suite of services and know-how. From fleet management software to maintenance and – as more and more business switch to electrified vans – charging, the list goes on.

Our new Ford Pro ecosystem provides integrated solutions for all these aspects of running a business, and more. We formally launched the first-of-its-kind one-stop-shop in Europe at a special event in Barcelona, Spain, where we gave more information on how using Ford Pro can help our customers run their fleets with greater productivity.

For example, our Ford Pro Telematics 1 software uses info from our connected vehicles to create insights and alerts that simplify fleet management, including real-time vehicle location, health alerts and driver monitoring. For operators of our all-electric E-Transit, Ford Pro E‑Telematics 1 also updates on charge status, remaining range, and allows the battery and cab to be warmed or cooled before a shift to save battery energy.

Our new Ford Pro Charging initiative helps customers make the change to electrified vehicles by identifying the most effective charging strategies for their businesses, and planning and installing charging hardware, whether at the depot or drivers’ homes.

And Ford Pro Service links connected vehicles to our network of 800 Transit Centre workshops, to slash the amount of time vans spend off the road for maintenance. Its FORDLiive system is designed to help keep vans moving by avoiding breakdowns, reducing the number of trips to the workshop and making servicing faster – reducing fleet downtime by up to 60 per cent. 2

That’s just a small taste of the services on offer, and at the heart of our Ford Pro business remains a world-class range of connected commercial vehicles. We received 5,000 customer orders for E‑Transit even before production began, and now we’re following up with a further four new all-electric models by 2024.

“As Ford Pro delivers an exciting new generation of all-electric vehicles, integrated with industry-leading digital services, our customers can look forward to a new era of productivity and growth.”

Hans Schep,
General Manager, Ford Pro Europe

1 Ford Pro Telematics and Ford Pro E-Telematics are available on a subscription basis, subject to agreement to Ford Smart Mobility terms and conditions, and provides a comprehensive suite of features in addition to vehicle health including location and mapping, driving behaviour, fuel/energy usage, multi-make capabilities and a companion app for drivers to interface with fleet managers. Fleet customers can contact the Ford Commercial Solutions Command Centre at for information about these Ford Telematics products. Data availability subject to data connectivity and access to vehicle data.

2 Estimated reduction per year based on (1) customer promptly responding to vehicle health alerts in FordPass Pro/Ford Telematics (to help avoid roadside assistance call-outs) and (2) anticipated time saved using Ford Transit Centres for maintenance and repair (including Express Services). Actual reduction may depend on individual circumstances (e.g. driving style and vehicle use).