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New all-electric Explorer starts rolling off the production line

Mass production of the new all-electric Ford Explorer has begun. At our first dedicated electric vehicle (EV) facility in Europe, we are now producing a new generation of high-quality electric passenger vehicles for the region.   Following a $2 billion investment that has transformed a historic plant into a factory of the future, Explorer is the first vehicle to roll off the line at the Ford Cologne Electric Vehicle Center. A second EV, a new sports crossover, will be revealed shortly with production in Cologne starting later this year. In the plant, self-learning machines and more than 600 new robots execute welding, cutting, dusting, painting and fusing tasks, in a complex ballet to ensure precision, efficiency and quality. It features a “digital twin” that monitors every step of production and supports line operators to help deliver high quality standards. The Cologne Electric Vehicle Center is also one of our most efficient vehicle assembly plants globally, supported by significant

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