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All-new Transit Custom tech looks to help prevent ‘dooring’ accidents

Our vans help delivery drivers to make up to 200 drop-offs per day during the Christmas period, and the number of parcels being delivered each year is on the rise. 1 As a delivery driver, navigating busy cities can be challenging, and we are always looking for ways in which we can help our customers move with confidence, and do so as safely as possible. Every year in England, Scotland, and Wales, more than 500 people are injured in accidents where a vehicle door has been opened into their path – however, it is thought that many incidents may go unreported. 2 Our all-new Transit Custom, 3 recently named International Van of the Year for 2024, can be equipped with our Exit Warning technology, and help to reduce the risk of dooring incidents and to make journeys safer. 4 Sensors on the outside of the van monitor passing road users and alert you if the system thinks that opening your door may cause an accident. If it detects a potential collision, LED lights are activated on the

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