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Smart charging to save you money

Our commitment to electric vehicles is underpinned by offering our customers the best ownership experience as well as looking after the planet.   That’s why we have begun partnerships with energy providers Tibber in Germany, the Netherlands and Norway, and Octopus Energy in the UK, to make charging easier and help reduce costs for owners.   Starting with our Mustang Mach-E 1,2 from early next year and the new Ford Explorer 3 when it arrives later in 2024, a new Dynamic Charging feature allows compatible vehicles to communicate with the energy providers’ intelligent supply networks.   Drivers will simply plug in their car, use the smartphone app to enter the desired state-of-charge and departure time, and the battery will be charged using tariffs to minimise cost and optimise renewable energy use. 4   Our research shows that up to 87 per cent of Mustang Mach-E drivers charge at home and that the cost of energy used is the most important consideration when charging. And according to Ti

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