Connected Vehicle Data Collaboration Benefits Drivers

We recently announced two connected vehicle agreements that will enable customers to benefit from a range of personalised third-party products and services – such as usage-based insurance, predictive maintenance and smart roadside recovery.

Our collaboration CARUSO and HIGH MOBILITY means that third-party service providers can access vehicle data safely and securely, while ensuring strict compliance with EU data protection regulations and ensuring our customers maintain full control over their data.

These agreements also underline our commitment to share data with third-party service providers in a safe, secure and fair manner. Watch now to see how it could work, for example, if you were to receive a low tyre pressure alert while driving.

Other services may include predictive maintenance or usage-based insurance – each benefiting owners by sharing vehicle data such as warning codes or GPS location. Owners must opt in before any of their vehicle data is shared; they remain in control of who their vehicle data is shared with and for which purposes, and can opt out of sharing at any time.

Alongside announcing that our new vehicle models sold in Europe will be fitted with the FordPass Connect as standard, we recently made a wide range of connected vehicle services complimentary to our European customers. These free services enable drivers to control and monitor key features in their vehicles via the FordPass app – and to share data with third parties via CARUSO and HIGH MOBILITY.

Peter Geffers, manager, Connected Vehicles, Ford of Europe:
Data from connected vehicles offers a wealth of opportunities to vehicle owners and businesses. As these partnerships with CARUSO and HIGH MOBILITY show, we are committed to enabling fair, secure and compliant access to vehicle-generated data that puts owners in the driver’s seat.


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