Direct your own chase for our new Puma ST

Ever wondered what makes our ST performance models so much fun to drive? 

The secret is hidden in our new series of interactive films.

Created to mark the launch of our new Puma ST model, the series sees the performance SUV pursued through real and virtual landscapes for its secret qualities.

At the wheel is stuntwoman and renowned precision driver Lucy Jayne Murray, who has doubled for some of the top actresses in Hollywood.

By clicking through multiple film chapters, viewers can direct their own car chase, set to a unique soundtrack composed by Italian electronic music producers Stereocalypse.

Click play to start your adventure ...

Our Puma ST is the first performance SUV we’ve ever offered to customers in Europe, and can accelerate from 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 6.7 seconds. 

It’s the only small performance SUV to offer a mechanical limited-slip differential that helps grip the road for better cornering. 

And it also has Drive Modes, which let you change steering, acceleration response and even the exhaust sound depending on whether you’re in a racy Sport mood, or a fuel saving Eco mood.

Despite all the performance features, our Puma ST is just as practical as the rest of the Puma line-up, including an innovative space below the boot floor that means it’s even possible to carry two sets of golf clubs standing upright in the boot.

But if that sounds too sensible, the sports-styled body also comes in head-turning Mean Green.