Team Fordzilla P1 is here!

It’s taken months to realise, it’s had close to 250,000 votes on Twitter and it’s the first time an automaker has designed a vehicle in collaboration with gamers. Finally, we can reveal the winning Team Fordzilla P1 design; the ultimate virtual racing car.

With 83.8 per cent of the votes in the final poll it was the vision of Ford exterior designer Arturo Ariño that emerged victorious. Inspired by the Ford GT, his incredible design takes gamer votes on different elements of the vehicle into account and employs unique touches – like morphing technology on the body – to make it a drool-inducing prospect for any virtual racer.

We’re telling the world about it during the Opening Night Live event at gamescom 2020 and we’ll also be announcing more special news too. 

Not only are we in advanced talks with a game producer about getting the Team Fordzilla P1 racer into a well-love game, but we’re also announcing that we will build a full-size scale model of the vehicle before the end of the year.

For more information on this or any of our activities at gamescom, including the finals of the first-ever Fordzilla Cup competition, then visit the new home for our Team Fordzilla esports team at