Ford Versus Bird Poop

In some countries having a bird poop land on you is considered lucky, but it can be very unlucky for your car’s paintwork. The uric acid in bird poop can cause damage to the paint, especially if left on there for any length of time.

Using artificial bird poop – that can replicate the acidity of poop from different birds around Europe – our paint engineers ensure the protective coatings on our vehicles can withstand any amount of bird poop. Good news if you’ve parked your car under the wrong tree!

Andre Thierig, manager, Core Engineering Paint, Ford of Europe.
With so many cars parked up at the moment as people stay at home, it’s likely birds are leaving their mark more than usual. It’s wise to remove it before it gets too baked on, but our customers can at least take some consolation in the work we do to keep their paint protected.


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