18 Jan 2019

Camping fans will strike gold with Ford's new Nugget

It sleeps four, and has a kitchen, dining area and even a shower.

But it’s not a house... it’s our new Transit Nugget Camper, which offers all the comforts of home while letting adventure-seekers explore the open road.

Based on Ford's top-selling Transit Custom van and converted by our long-term motorhome specialist partner Westfalia, the Nugget comes with either an adjustable-tilting roof or a fixed high roof that both create more room to get comfy.

Inside, there’s a fold-out table with seating for five, a double-burner gas cooker and two double beds. The larger Nugget Plus, with a hard raised roof, even has a built-in toilet and washbasin.

And on the road you can get to more scenic spots between fuel stops with our super fuel-efficient and smooth-running EcoBlue engine.


  1. I have a strange feeling that my tent is still a better choice than this.

  2. 👍finally hope it's not a gas hog


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