15 Jun 2018

How would YOUR skills help the Ford Le Mans team?

Think Like a Racing Driver?

Race strategies, physical conditioning, instant decisions and having the hopes of a team on your shoulders are unique challenges for racing drivers in the sporting world, which require a special kind of character.

John Camilleri - Ford Chip Ganassi Racing team fitness trainer.
You’re dealing with high pressure situations, huge physical challenges and you’re reliant on a large crew to make sure you’re in the best car and best position to do your job as well as possible. 
In that sense it’s unlike participating in any other sport. A fighter pilot is a closer comparison, and like a fighter pilot it takes a certain type of person to thrive as a racing driver.

During any race, especially an endurance race like the Le Mans 24 Hours, the whole team needs to perform at their optimum and use their unique skills and personalities in the quest for victory.

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