Ford GT on the Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

It’s an incredible feat of engineering that during the height of summer is bathed in sunlight almost around the clock – and all-year round is guaranteed to quicken the pace of any visitor.

The Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway – the Land of the Midnight Sun – consists of a string of eight bridges that connects the towns of Kårvåg and Vevang in the most dramatic way possible. Not for the fainthearted, especially in adverse weather, there is even one stretch where the road seems to disappear completely.

The location for the latest in the video series Europe’s Greatest Driving Roads is seen through the windscreen of a Ford GT supercar that is later shown setting a fastest lap time at the world’s most northerly racetrack, just 30 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle.

+Steve Sutcliffe - internationally renowned motoring journalist
The Atlantic Ocean Road has to be driven to be believed. Only the most hardened cynic could fail to be unmoved by a journey across scenery of such unimaginable beauty. I had to break our rating system on this occasion, and score the road 11/10 for scenery. What else can you do on a route where you can actually see whales when you are driving along?

The Norwegian trip is the seventh video from +Ford Europe's Greatest Driving Roads series, achieving a score of 53/60 on factors including thrills, accessibility and hospitality.


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