26 May 2017

Fashion shoot with the Ford Kuga Vignale

Lifestyle blogger and instagrammer and +Alessia Canella spent time with the Ford Kuga Vignale, along with some talented photographers and models, at Milan Fashion Week earlier this year.

This photoshoot was another part of a +Ford Europe campaign, (see "Exploring North Wales with the Kuga Vignale" for a previous example). Instagramers were given the chance to get to know the Vignale range, and explore the theme: ‘Time Well Spent’.

+Alessia Canella and friends +Silvio De Rossidero and +Raffaele Romeo Arena also made this fun video with the Kuga Vignale, which was shot by another friend, +Sonia Veronesi.

More Vignale on instagram: #FordVignale, or more Vignale stories

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