20 Jun 2016

Ford wins the 2016 Le Mans GTE Pro

Ford's return to racing at Le Mans has been a long time comming. There's a great deal of history accosiated with the 24 Hours, so after the descision to return Ford have been all-in to give this come back everthing they possibly could.

A production Ford GT led the 1-2-3 finishing Ford GT40 from the 1966 Le Mans sweep onto the track for a parade lap prior to the start of the 84th Le Mans 24 Hours.

Followed by the world's tougest endurance race ...

... but at the end of it all the decision to return to Le Mans proved to be a great move for Ford.

Watch the reaction of the Ford team to the win below.

To view, like & share many more images from Ford at Le Mans 2016 click the image below.

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