Never too late for that dream car!

My name is Lennart Ribring. I’m 97-years-old. I drive a 5.0-litre V8 Ford Mustang fastback and I’m really happy.

The Ford Model T was just 11-years old when Lennart was born in Stockholm. Later, in the 1960s, he was one of the first people in Sweden to buy an original Ford Mustang.
I fell in love with the first Mustangs that came out and I have hardly thought about another car since. You feel a bit like a travelling king.
Now, when many people would be reflecting on the past, he's back in the saddle with a brand new Ford Mustang.

I don’t have long to live now, maybe. I want to take the opportunities I have to drive a little and have a little fun in life.

Lennart, a successful businessman who still works part-time as an accountant, also has some wise words for those of us who plan on still being behind the wheel when we are approaching 100.

Learn about a car properly before you drive it. You must always think about safety.” 

Watch Lennart's video here.