Ford Fiesta hits 40!

If you didn’t learn to drive in a Ford Fiesta then you almost certainly know someone who did.

As Fiesta hits the big “Four-Oh” celebrate with some amazing shots, and a few things you might not have known about the small car that has touched so many lives …
Fiesta started life as a secret project – codenamed “Bobcat”

Fiesta is Spanish for party

Actor Jeremy Irons compared Fiesta to period drama Downton Abbey

James Bond star Roger Moore ahead of filming “The Spy Who Loved Me”

Ahead of its time in 1979, the Fiesta tries on SUV looks for size

Would you Adam and Eve it? EastEnders star Danny Dyer’s first car was a Fiesta

The original Fiesta cost £1,856 – and just £5.78 to fill up

  Ford Fiesta 1,1 Ghia, 1980
For extra grip in slippery conditions, snow chains

  Ford Fiesta Ladies Cup 1984
The Ford Fiesta Ladies’ Cup

Radio and cassette? State of the art in 1983. Now you can pair with a smartphone in seconds

  KOELN, 29. Maerz 2005 Ð Vor den maechtigen Tuermen des Koelner Doms steht die Auto-Skulptur ãGoldener VogelÒ des Kuenstlers HA Schult seit 1991 auf dem Turm des Koelnischen Stadtmuseums. Jetzt wird der Fluegel-Fiesta in einer aufwaendigen Aktion von der Firma Colonia Spezialfahrzeuge ins Ford-Werk Koeln-Niehl gebracht. Ford-Auszubildende werden das Kunstwerk restaurieren. Im Mai wird der Goldvogel zum Stadtmuseum zurueck-kehren. Foto: Ford
This golden winged model can be found in Cologne, Germany, where Fiesta is built

The Police find Fiesta a useful patrol car

Fiesta has also always had a sporty side – like this XR2i

Musicians namechecking Fiesta include Brit pop favourites Elastica with “Car Song”

  Produktion Ford Fiesta im Ford Werk Koeln-Niehl, 1976
Fiesta special edition names have included Kingfisher, Sandpiper, and Firefly

Today’s Fiesta ST200 can achieve 143mph - the original car managed 85mph

17 million cars sold, and counting!