Road trip fun and more on the Family Fun Hub

Over half of Europeans heading on vacation this summer will be doing so by car1, meaning hours of road trip enjoyment ahead. However, even in one of our fun-to-drive vehicles there are times when passengers may need something to help pass the time.

This is why we’ve created ‘Holiday Bingo’ on our Family Fun Hub. Compatible with smartphones and tablets, simply tap any of the 24 tasks or activities as you complete them together with your fellow passengers and aim to make a completed line, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally to be rewarded with a ‘BINGO’.  It may not make the journey any quicker, but it will make it more fun. 

The Family Fun Hub also has some new downloadable colouring-in templates of vehicles such as the Ranger Raptor and Mustang Mach-E, plus a tricky ‘spot the difference’ game, and will be updated with more activities like ‘dot-to-dot’ over the coming weeks. 

You can visit it here:




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