“World’s Strongest Gay” meets Very Gay Raptor

Carrying, lifting and dragging seemingly impossible weights might seem like the ultimate test of toughness but for one strongman that’s just a part of the story.

American Rob Kearney bravely came out as the first openly gay strongman to compete at the sport’s top level. In such an apparently macho world, this could have been his biggest challenge. However, the self-proclaimed ‘World’s Strongest Gay’ has found with the power of support and allyship from his fellow athletes that forging his unique path has been an easier weight to bear, using his inner strength to show you can follow your passions regardless of sexual orientation or gender.

When we heard he was in London for the Strongman Classic event recently, we thought it was the perfect chance to introduce him to our Very Gay Raptor. After all, they are both redefining tough by challenging stereotypes to help drive out discrimination.

Check out the video below to see what happened.