A life less complicated with the Ford Transit

+Nate Murphy, who's a professional rock climber, has found an ingenious solution to the high accommodation costs he faces as he tours the world hanging off of high things; he’s turned his Ford Transit in to an awesome mobile hotel room.

Working by himself, Murphy took just 17 days to transform the Transit from reliable workhorse in to a homely high roller with an impressive array of essentials, including running water, central heating and solar power.

The van comfortably sleeps two and boasts a raft of smart features and innovative storage solutions that allow Murphy to live an extremely comfortable off-grid lifestyle all year round; his adventures have taken him to some of the most expensive cities in Europe where he lives on a shoestring.

+Nate Murphy
I have lived out of the van for a year and I have travelled through Europe, Asia and the U.S.
Watch +Nate Murphy's van conversion video.

Plenty of people dream of about going off-the-grid, living a more mobile, or downsized lifestyle, but few people turn that dream into a reality.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Let us know in the comments.

Images used with permission. Keep up with +Nate Murphy via his blog, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Facebook.

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