A passion for American automotive history and communication

+Tobias Starklint and his twin brother have a passion for American automotive history - especially the 50' and the 60's. After they graduated with a masters degree in communication they combined their passion for american cars with their passion for storytelling by telling their own story.

The story is about how they fell in love with the mustang. At the age of 10, they saw one for the first time when their father picked them up from school in an old Mustang he'd borrowed, while their car was at the garage.

From that day on Tobias and his brother had a spacial relationship with Mustang. And after graduating they decided to restore the exact same Mustang their father had used to pick them up from school.

They shot the film in their grandparents old garage, where as children they'd run and played: like travelling back in time to the days when the car shop had still been in business.