The Ford Mustang leads the way for Team Sky

There’s a new star at the head of this year’s Tour de France cycle race, but not one to give +Team Sky's defending champion +Chris Froome sleepless nights.

For each of the 21 race stages, Rod Ellingworth, Head of Performance Operations will pilot with special black and blue +Team Sky Ford Mustang which is getting almost as much attention as Froome and his teammates.

Spectators love the Mustang — I’ve never seen anything like it in cycling,” Ellingworth said. “People call to me and gesture for me to drive towards them. The other teams want to know more about the car. Even the police stopped me, because they wanted to see the Mustang up close.

From the 5.0-litre V8 Mustang, Ellingworth provides information to the team on upcoming wind direction and weather, road conditions and layouts, and dangerous bends or narrow sections.

To help perform this vital role, the +Team Sky Ford Mustang is equipped with radios to monitor the race’s special Radio Tour broadcasts to communicate with other team members, a TV to follow the race coverage, and an attention-grabbing horn to warn spectators in the road ahead.